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  • Why does a body need a soul?

    A soul doesn’t get to smell the flowers that bloom in the gardens.It doesn’t get to taste the bitterness the bitter guard possesses.It doesn’t know how peaceful the sky could be when we fret. A soul doesn’t get to feel the warmth every touch brings.It doesn’t get to believe and think about what makes us […]


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  • No pain to make you weak!

    Pains are carved on your bonesAnd, they ache when you walk.Those words are in your headThat they burnt you in ashes with.Those chaotic screams live longEven if whoever created them leaves.It has been hard on your heartJust let it now beat in peace. -Divya

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  • I exist…

    I’m the top layer of the soil that erodes when it pours but still exists somewhere in a heap or between roots.Even if it’s hard to show up, I still exist. -Divya

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  • Feelings in bits and pieces…

    I don’t know what it feels like to be connected without a real connection. I don’t know what it serves to the non-existing parts of ourselves that we only remember the good parts keeping aside the ego of ours.I don’t know what it takes to reach there without beholding every piece of the glassy heart. […]

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